Library Trustee Award


The purpose of this award is to recognize the contributions of an individual who is currently serving as a trustee for a Kentucky public library.

This award is named in honor of James Gugeler.  Mr. Gugeler was appointed to the Jessamine County Public Library’s board in 1990 and served until his passing in 2007 at which point he was the vice-president.  Mr. Gugeler was an outstanding library advocate; he served as President of KLTA, represented the Trustees in Frankfort and Washington, D.C., and he attended most of the Trustee Institutes.  Mr. Gugeler’s dedication and commitment have greatly benefited trustees around the state who have long been inspired by his relentless efforts to promote and improve Kentucky’s public libraries.

KPLA Award Nomination Form


  • The nominee must currently be serving as a public library trustee and demonstrate a commitment to library advocacy on a local, state, and/or national level.
  • The nominee must be a current member of the Kentucky Library Trustees Roundtable (KLTRT) of the Kentucky Public Library Association (KPLA) of the Kentucky Library Association (KLA) .


  • Nominations may be made by anyone employed in a library.
  • Nominations should be concise and address the above criteria, including no more than two pages of narrative and up to three pages of supportive material (newspaper articles, photos, etc.).
  • The information and the quality of the application shall be the sole basis of selection. Any application not meeting the above criteria will be disqualified.
  • The KPLA Awards Committee will make the selection based on the above criteria.
  • The KPLA Awards Committee may choose to make no award in any given year if the quality of the nominations is not determined to be satisfactory.

Award Winners

  • 2022 – Kevin Addington (Hardin CPL)
  • 2015 – Louise Canter (Kenton CPL)
  • 2014 – Steve Marcum (Warren CPL)
  • 2013 – None
  • 2012 – None
  • 2011 – R. W. Dyche (Laurel CPL)
  • 2010 – Helen A. Northcutt  (Rowan CPL)
  • 2009  – Jim Wyrick (Lexington PL)
  • 2008  – Paul Poland (Scott CPL)
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