Outstanding Board Award


To recognize the dedication and volunteerism of the men and women who serve on Kentucky’s library boards.

KPLA Award Nomination Form


  • Each member of the Board of Trustees must hold membership in the Kentucky Library Trustee Round Table (KLTRT) of the Kentucky Public Library Association (KPLA) of the Kentucky Library Association (KLA). The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives encourages the use of state funds for KLTRT dues and for trustee training programs.
  • The Board of Trustees should know the needs and interests of its community and demonstrate that the library is attempting to meet those needs and interests.
  • The Board of Trustees should have a long-range plan and operate in accordance with this plan.
  • The Board of Trustees should demonstrate a policy of cooperation with other libraries and agencies in the community.
  • The Board’s policies governing the operation and programming of the library, guaranteeing freedom to read and impartial service to all, must be complete and current.
  • An outline of the Board’s accomplishment in the last completed fiscal year in one of the areas listed below must be attached. AREA OF IMPROVEMENT:
    • Substantial Board Development;
    • Community Relations;
    • Services;
    • Finances and Alternative Funding;
    • Physical Resources, Materials, and/or Technology.


  • Nominations may be made by anyone in the library field (staff, trustees, Friends).
  • Nominations should be concise, responding to the criteria above. Submit no more than two pages of narrative, with no more than three pages of supportive material (newspaper clippings, photos, etc.)
  • The information and the quality of the application shall be the sole basis of selection. If no application meets the criteria above, no award will be given.
  • The KPLA Awards Committee will make the selection based on the above criteria.
  • The KPLA Awards Committee may choose to make no award in any given year if the quality of the nominations is not determined to be satisfactory.

Award Winners

  • 2013 – Nelson County Public Library
  • 2012 – Campbell County Public Library
  • 2011 – Jessamine County Public Library
  • 2010 – Carter County Public Library
  • 2009  – Warren County Public Library
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