Intellectual Freedom

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The Intellectual Freedom Committee supports public librarians across the Commonwealth involved in censorship or intellectual freedom issues.

Our Purpose

The Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) exists to provide education and support for public library staff and trustees, members of the public, and community leaders in regard to intellectual freedom issues surrounding and effecting public libraries and their users, especially any of those experiencing challenges.


Statement on Intellectual Freedom

The Kentucky Public Library Association (KPLA) supports Kentucky’s public libraries in their efforts to abide by the First Amendment. This mission includes purchasing and making available materials on the broadest variety of viewpoints, opinions, and ideas, ensuring that every member of the community may freely read materials of their own choosing. KPLA, along with individual public libraries, believes that the presence of individual titles within a library’s collection does not imply an endorsement of the content of those materials.

When a library carries out these principles, there may be items in the collection contrary to an individual community member’s personal views. That same material, however, may appeal to a different community member. Seeking to deny access to information infringes on the Freedom of Speech, guaranteed under the First Amendment. 

Libraries support parental and guardian rights to determine their own child’s selection of reading and viewing materials. The parent or guardian holds ultimate responsibility for the content their child accesses.

ALA’s Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table Material Challenge Checklist

Approved by the Kentucky Public Library Association Executive Committee

February 3, 2022

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