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VIDEO PSA: Libraries are a Place of YES!
In fall 2011, KPLA commissioned a video showing the impact of libraries on the lives of Kentuckians. Please share this video on your own library’s website and Facebook pages. We also hope that you’ll take the video with you to community events and group meetings, such as Rotary Club or Kiwanis meetings.

Link to the five-minute video on YouTube:
Download a high-quality SD video here:
Download the SD video here: Vimeo.

Video PSA series: Kentucky Public Libraries – Every Day, Every Age
In 2010, the Committee put together series of videos to promote the services of public libraries. The YouTube links listed below can be shared on social media sites or viewed online:

Keeping in Touch –
Study Spaces –
Downloading Audiobooks –
Statistically Speaking –
Another option is to view all four videos back to back as one YouTube video. You can link to this version if you’d like to have all four videos appear in one link.

These broadcast-quality files can be downloaded directly by you for your library’s use or by a television broadcaster needing a high-quality video to air:

“Keeping in Touch” (grandmother using email to access email with picture of son/grandson)
Link to direct download
Vimeo link (
Study Spaces (student using the library to study)
Link to direct download
Vimeo link (
Downloading Audiobooks (busy parent downloading a book from home)
Link to direct download (this link will directly download the file to your computer)
Vimeo link (
Statistically Speaking
Link to direct download
Vimeo link (
You can also download all four at the same time as a zip file from this link. These will unzip as four separate files (one for each video). Or you candownload this version which is one file which plays all four videos back to back.

Legislative Day Video

YouTube link:
Vimeo link ( direct download options here

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